Day 82

Day 82

Day 82

Tuesday 26 Nov 2013

Now that we are up and going at the Capitol, I’ve been exploring my commuting method.

I started taking the train.  It’s a hike to the train, wait for the train, take it three stops, a hike from the train.  Eh…I can do better.

I found my new friend…the #311 bus!  Goes from Elizabeth Bay, right by my place, to two blocks from the Stage Door.  I like!  And Sydney has some great apps that keep you in touch with when the bus is coming and whatnot.

I missed the bus home last night – last one comes right around 11pm.  So, I decided to walk home.  Why aren’t I doing this all the time?!?  25 minutes door to door.  The walk cuts right through the city.  There are a few serious hills…so maybe that explains why the whole Aussiebum thing…regardless…

I think I’m gonna be walking a lot more often.  And part of the walk is crossing this passenger bridge over the William Street / Cross City Tunnel into Rushcutters Bay.

It’s a cool little foot bridge.  With the cars heading into the tunnel beneath you.  And I cross and head home. To Rushcutters Bay.  My little private oasis in Sydney.

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