Day 83

Day 83

Day 83

Wednesday 27 Nov 2013

I snuck out early at the ol’ LK today and went to support my old friend, Gregory Bonsignore, at his show, Atomic the Musical.  And got to hang with Parv too!

Atomic is a new musical – yes NEW, not even based on a movie! – and is being developed in Australia.  Greg is co-writing the book and lyrics to Atomic which is based on the creation of the atom bomb and all that went with that part of history.  I always say, truly, ANYTHING can be made into a musical.  Anything.  The right story and the right hook…BAM.  Can we say Sweeney Todd and Evita people?!?

The show is being put up at NIDA – the National Institute for Dramatic Arts in the NIDA Parade Theatres.  Great smaller space and it really lent itself to this piece.  It was their first pass at the show with lots of rewrites ahead, but I was entirely impressed with what was put up tonight.  Great, great work and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

NIDA has recently graduated a class, one member being our Mufasa, Rob Collins, and in the lobbies of the space, there are a multitude of exhibits and such set up on display.  This was a shot of some of the design work.

Support small, emerging works people!

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