Day 63


Day 63

Thursday 7 Nov 2013

“Lucy Humphrey’s two-tonne water-filled sculpture turns horizon on its head” read the leading article in The Sydney Morning Herald.  Yeah sure, I thought.  There are so many amazing sculptures at the Bondi to Tamarama Sculpture by the Sea that this sphere can’t really be causing all of this stir.

Well, it is.  And it deserves it.

I went to experience the two week art exhibit Thursday after a long day at work and I expected to be sharing a picture of the never ending staircase or the tents on the cliff.  But, I just had to share this picture.  This sphere. Something about it.  It had by far the largest crowds.  Simple, yet fascinating.

This is a special exhibit.  Only a few more days.  If you can go Sydney folks, GO.  Sculpture By The Sea 2013 is coming to an end Sunday.  Wish I could see it at sunrise and midday too, but I am thankful to have seen it when I did.


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