Day 62

jurassic lounge

Day 62

Wednesday 6 Nov 2013

Doesn’t this look like a normal night at major city museum??  No, of course it doesn’t.

Jurassic Lounge has been an institution at The Australian Museum for every Tuesday night for the past three years or so.  It’s an after hours event for adults with booze and food and theme nights and social interaction and urban panning and social commentary and etc etc etc…

Brilliant concept.  Brilliant execution.  The city and the influencers were behind it 100%.  And it lasted many years.

It just so happened that the night that we went, it was the last ever.  Big dance floor celebrating all that had been accomplished over the years.  Fun stuff.

Again, not sure exactly why it is coming to a close, but I can tell from the energy that night, that it will be missed.


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