Day 64


Day 64

Friday 8 Nov 2013

The Lion King Australia is moving full speed ahead!  And this week brought the introduction of our FIFTY, yes, FIFTY, fully wrapped taxis onto the streets.  Two per day are being released until 50 are out there.

The best part of this won’t resonate with people in the States…but here in Sydney, all cabs are white.  All white.  Not yellow at all.  So not only do these stick out like a NYC cab on the other side of the world, they are covered in our logos and show title in crazy large ways.  First time this has been done down here.  And I’ve rarely seen it anywhere before to this kind of success.

Today I hired a cab for the cast, crew, musicians and management to be able to take pictures with, interact with and just have fun with.  Like our Facebook page and you’ll see some of the group shots going up in the next few days.  See below for the link.

They are causing quite a scene…and we like it like that.  The driver of the one we hired said people are roaring at him from the streets!

Disney’s The Lion King Australia – coming to a taxi near you!

(ps First blog photo that I’m appearing in – thanks Pram for taking a good shot with my camera!)

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