Day 37

eveleigh farmer's market

Day 37

Saturday 12 Oct 2013

Final day of our rehearsal hall set up out at Carriageworks.  Incredible space – the magic that will be created in these walls is truly inspiring.

On Saturdays, at Carriageworks in the parking lot general area, there is an INCREDIBLE farmers market every Saturday morning – the Eveleigh Farmers Market.  According to Time Out Sydney, in two years time, it has become Sydney’s premier fresh food and produce market.

I left with a bag of veg (I’m becoming so Aussie), a loaf of sourdough, a bottle of the spiciest BBQ sauce I’ve ever had in my life and an egg sandwich to rival the best of the best.

Incredible incredible incredible – I cannot recommend it enough.  The last days of our six day weeks really did get more exciting!

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