Day 36


Day 36

Friday 11 Oct 2013

Rehearsal load in is going great.  Very busy week – and more to come.

Decided to grab a burger and a beer at Mary’s in Newtown after work.  Time Out Sydney says it’s the best burger in Sydney…is it??….well…

It was damn good.  Simple.  Aussies just don’t do GREAT burgers compared to…well…the States for one.  This was a pretty damn good burger.  The best in Sydney?  It was one of my first, so I’ll keep a tally and keep y’all posted.  Will go back for sure. I got my hipster on for the night.  Newtown is the Williamsburg of Sydney.  And I know I’ll be hanging out here many more times.  The energy in the streets was great.  If I didn’t have early work, I’d go out more!

Mary’s Burger = 8.75.  And the fries were fierce.  And I had a great Newtown local brew on tap.  Can only get it on tap in Newtown….

Good shit.

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