Day 38

why oh why eggs

Day 38

Sunday 13 Oct 2013


I don’t get it.

Like not at all.

Why oh why are the eggs in Australia just out on the shelves???  NOT BEING REFRIGERATED!?  At Woolworth’s.  And all major grocery stores.

Or is the better question why do we refrigerate eggs in our grocery stores in the states?

I need answers…or at least theories.  It is driving me nuts!  And I don’t want to buy the eggs!  Look at them all on the shelves!  AHHHHHH!

Comments and explanations please.  Help me through this.


A confused American in Oz

5 thoughts

  1. It’s the same in London. In the States, eggs are washed and this removes the natural coating which means they have to be refrigerated. Not sure if they’re washed or not but “natural eggs” can remain at room temp for quite a long while.

  2. Your blog is funny and fascinating – Your experiences are the inverse of what I encountered when I moved from Australia to the US. i.e. Why are the eggs refrigerated?

    Buy the eggs with our colourful (or colorful) money, fry them up and throw them on a burger with fried onions, cheese, beets and a slice of pineapple. That’s hows it’s done up here in Brisbane. “The Works” Delicious!

  3. The hens who lay them aren’t refrigerated when they’re laying them. We wash and radiate them to look into them for some reason I don’t remember why tho here. I think thats why we refrigerate them.

  4. My guess is that they are local and fresh there. When I buy my eggs at the farmers market, they haven’t been refrigerated prior to purchase (although) they do tell us to refrigerate them when we get home. In the US, eggs sold in the grocery store have usually traveled far and are older. My guess is your yolks will be brighter and your eggs will taste better!

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