Day 23


Day 23

Saturday 28 Sept 2013

Those of you who know me well know I have this thing about rhubarb.  Can’t get enough.  There is this great juice here in Australia sold at Wooley’s that is Apple & Rhubarb.  LOVE IT.

Anyways, went to brunch today at West Juliett in Marrickville.  Fantastic brunch.  I sat at the counter under their displays of homemade jams and spreads.

Rhubarb & Vanilla!  Amazing breakfast served all day long.  And crazy homemade chocolate chip cookies with pink sea salt for dessert…may possibly be the best chocolate cookie I had ever eaten!

After brunch, I proceeded to drive Bluey (my red jeep) all over Sydney and back again running errands and getting somethings I need.  My Facebook status spelled out how that went…

“To the lovely people of Sydney: My sincere apologies. It is my first day out and about with Bluey, my Jeep. Roundabouts are hard for me. As are turns. And changing gears. And, at times, braking. Forgive me?

Love, Randy, the American blasting Kylie down your streets”

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