Day 22

barber shop

Day 22

Friday 27 Sept 2013


The end of one of my last “9 – 5, M – F” weeks in Sydney.  Soon enough it’ll be six day rehearsal weeks and eight show performance weeks Wednesday through Sunday.  Which is fine and all, but I always like this pre-pro period where we work and live like “normal” people.

And Sydney loves their Fridays.  You would think no one gets booze during the week.  Bars are PACKED Fridays after work.

Went with Jo and Alecia to Barber Shop, this great bar in the CBD of Sydney – across the street from the Disney corporate offices – where a barber cuts and shaves in the front and then you go through a steel door to the bar in the back.

Great little hidden gem in a mostly concrete jungle that is the CBD.

TGIF indeed!

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