Day 740

Day 740

Day 740

Tuesday 15 Sept 2015

Well leave it to me to be in the right place at the right time.

Everyone told me Canberra was going to be boring as. Well, little did they know that Tony Abbott was going to be ousted from office suddenly and out of the blue when I was there!

Bye bye Abbott. Welcome Malcolm Turnbull as the new Prime Minister.

Now, I really don’t quite understand the political system here at all, but I embraced being here. It felt like the president was replaced late at night without any sort of public vote basically. But, as many countries do, the Australians vote in a party not necessarily a leader.

I scored a ticket to the House of Representatives Question Time – the first time that Turnbull would speak as the countries new Prime Minister. Was fascinating. LOTS of yelling over him by the opposing parties when he was trying to speak. Seemed insane to me, but that’s the system!

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