Day 557

Day 557

Day 557

Monday 16 March 2015


Well, I can’t believe the time is here for this trip, but it is! Josephine headed out on 17 hours of travel for our two week adventure in South Africa. Jo is an old pro at Africa after spending almost a year of her life there volunteering and holidaying. She always said there is something about Africa and you take a piece of it with you when you go…cannot wait to experience it all.

I will admit now, my timeline is going to be a bit off on these posts. There were too many good pictures to post with only one a day, so I’ve stretched two weeks out over three weeks or so. But, there was just too much!

First day – we flew into Johannesburg and spent the night at this great boutique hotel called the Winston and headed out to Moyo for dinner – a recommendation from a friend on The Lion King who spent time doing the show there.

Awesome local food. I had kudu for the first time (a type of antelope) and it was incredible. I became obsessed with it and ended up eating kudu four times over the two weeks. Yummmmmmmmm.

This was our first bottle (of many) of Pinotage – a South African grape varietal. Every glass of South African wine we had was so good – not a bad glass in the bunch. Off to Kwandwe Game Reserve in the morning for four nights/five days of safari realness!

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