Day 324

Day 324

Day 324

Saturday 26 July 2014

The Golden Tree. In Chinatown. A block from the theatre.

I pass this most days I’m at work when grabbing food or taking a breather. I was never quite sure what it was. It’s quite the sight just jutting up from the middle of a square there. Usually with water dripping form it’s top most branch.

A little research and…here you go:

Golden Water Mouth, Lin Li
Chinatown, Sydney, Australia

This sculptural installation work on the corner of George and Hay streets was created by Chinese artist Lin Li from a 200 year old Yellow Box eucalyptus tree. Gold leaf has been melted onto the tree in a yin yang pattern with perfect harmony through the traditional Chinese principle of Feng Shui. Additionally the other three elements of water, fire and earth have been incorporated into its design along with the wood and gold to create balance and enhance positive energy and encourage good fortune.

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