Day 183

Day 183

Day 183

Friday 07 Mar 2014

You know I love my colorful, Australian bills. But who knew that they also had really weird coins?!

Seems they will issue a coin at the…well, drop of a coin!

Here is the latest that came across our desks – the HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton twenty cent piece.

An uncanny resemblance to her…oh wait…

2 thoughts

  1. Randy You know how much we have been enjoying your blog! Its kind of a travel log for us who doubt we will ever go to such a beautiful place. Your pictures are just great as are your comments! I love this coin!! I have been collecting coins for Jeffrey from around the world via my traveling friends. Could I beg you to try to send me a few of these??? PLEASEEEEEE…..459 Highland Ave. Wadsworth Ohio 44281 USA

    I also wanted to ask you…when you filled your tank of gas…how did that equate to U.S. dollars? Gas it high enough here around $3.65 a gallon of regular….but it appears to be a great deal higher there! YIKES…as flat as most of the scenery appears, I’d be riding my bike a lot! Hope you are well. We are finally getting a break from a brutal winter and hopefully going to see Spring soon. It’s daylight savings time today…we set the clocks an hour ahead. Remember that? Wish they’d just make up their mind and leave it one way or the other. Do you do that there?

    Take good care…Be safe! and keep in touch! Hugs to you Aunt Jeanne

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