Day 182

Day 182

Day 182

Thursday 06 Mar 2014

Salt Meats Cheese. So delicious. I walked out with an organic mixed quinoa and TRUFFLE SALT. Yes you heard me right. Truffle. Salt.

The main store is in Alexandria, but a pop-up has opened up in the CBD!

“Salt Meats Cheese Pop-Up Shop

Our mission at Salt Meats Cheese is to get everyone involved and passionate about fine food like we are! We are bringing the best of our gourmet food temple to Sydney CBD – to show those city-slickers what they’ve been missing out on!

We will be boasting a delightful selection of cheeses and cured meats along with our best-selling homemade products. Come visit us at MLC centre pop-up shop to discover a modern Italian food market brimming with exciting artisan food for you to taste and take home. Our colourful displays of fresh pasta, gourmet salads, antipasto platters and fresh piadinas can be ordered online, and picked up after work.

Our freshly made flavoured pasta and Uncle Joe’s ready to eat pasta sauce jars make an easy and delicious dinner for busy lifestyles. For the super fast-paced workers we will also be selling grab-n-go dinner packs, so you can get home from a long day of work and just relax! quality food at your convenience – that’s what we aim for.

We’re sure our flavours and sense of fun with food will bring our hungry customers back for more!”

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