Day 176

Day 176

Day 176

Friday 28 Feb 2014

Sydney is going through some growing pains with it’s drinking laws I’m afraid.

There has been some drunken violence happening in Sydney. Bashings. Fights. Violent stuff. And, yes, something does need to be done. Am I sure of exactly what that is? No. But, I am pretty sure what they have come up with is not going to do the trick.

Here are the new rules:

– All bottleshops (liquor stores) must close by 10pm in certain neighborhoods. So you want to buy a bottle of wine after work in the theatre? Nope.

– Bars in certain areas stop serving at 3am.

– And my favorite of them all – the LOCKOUT rules. Come 1:30am, if you’re not in a bar, pub or club – LOCKOUT!

The only thing I’ve seen is people running through the streets of Sydney trying to figure out their late night plans!

Growing pains…I bet it doesn’t last…

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