Day 123

Day 123

Day 123

Sunday 6 Jan 2014

Day off.  80 and sunny.  Another beach day?  Don’t mind if I do!

Headed out to Freshwater Beach.  Quieter.  Lovely.  Great waves.

There was a magical mist blowing from the ocean up the beach.  Glistening in the afternoon sun.  Blowing up and billowing into town.  Perfect.

One thought

  1. Randy Just so you know… was 7BELOW here last night and still about the same this morning….I can barely see the thermometer outside the frozen windows. We are having an unusually cold winter here in the states and I do mean ALL of the states. Your Mom is mostly got it a lot worse than we do….the East coast is getting pounded not only with snow but freezing temps….which is unusual in itself. Love the pictures of the beaches….see why so many people love it there! Be safe and Hugs to you Aunt Jeanne

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