Day 122

Day 122

Day 122

Sunday 5 Jan 2014

I couldn’t do another Asian meal today in between shows.  I just couldn’t.  It’s been like two weeks of non stop Asian since everything else is basically closed for the holiday season.  I love Asian food.  I do.  But I just couldn’t today.

JJ, Pram, Steph and I popped in a cab and headed to Surry Hills for a proper pub lunch.

The Forresters in Surry Hills.  Funky.  Retro.  And some DAMN good food.  We had an assortment.  I had a proper chicken.  JJ the Sunday roast.  Steph the steak with mac and cheese.  Pram…a sensible salad.

Pub food is a good thing!

One thought

  1. I hear you. When my family and I lived in India, we got sick of Indian food every day. We love Indian food and cook Indian-like cuisine every so often, however after eating every day for an extended period of time, you just want something different. =)

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