Day 114

Day 114

Day 114

Saturday 28 Dec 2013

Australians LOVE their meat pies.  LOVE.  And I’m fortunate enough that a post of one of the most famous pie stands in Sydney is a half a block from our stage door!

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels.

A 70 year old Sydney tradition and still going.

“Harry “Tiger” Edwards opened the original caravan cafe, named simply Harry’s, near the gates of the Woolloomooloo Naval Yard in 1938. He served with the AIF in World War II, during which time the cafe was not operational. The cart re-opened upon his return from the war in 1945.

The name Cafe de Wheels came about because of the requirement from the city council that mobile food caravans had to move a minimum of 12 inches (30 cm) each day. The cart has been moved to various locations on Cowper Wharf road over the last 70 years, mostly due to re-development work in the Woolloomooloo Bay area. Local legend tells that the name was temporarily changed to Cafe de Axle at one point when the wheels were stolen. It was referred to as Harry the Axle’s for most of the sixties throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.”

I had my first one last night when I was famished and the show still wasn’t over.  And boy is it good.

This is going to be dangerous…

3 thoughts

  1. Yummm! Now I know I will have to return down under for a pie! We saw and did so much on my unforgettable visit, but just couldn’t do it all. 🙂

  2. Randy Happy New Year! I don’t recall if you are ahead of us in time or behind us …in either case we hope you are well! You obviously are having a great time there. We have gotten to see some of the pictures of when your Mom was there with you. Long ugly story about our computer computer!! that still does not work right. Do you get as many virus attempts there as we are getting here? I’m sure your Mom has kept you uptodate on Grandma Frieda …she was doing much better when Thom was there yesterday. He will go again tomorrow and hopefully see even more improvement. There is never anything much pleasant about nursing homes but at least she seems to be getting attentive care there.

    Hope all is well with you…I know you are very busy but just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you. When you get a chance…please tell us about your favorite parts, the people, the currency ..everything you can share. A friend of mine took his father back there several times….first to where his Dad served in the war and the next few times just for fun because they loved the country so much. Since I have no desire to go that far…I love to learn through those who do. I am hoping to make it to Alaska this summer whether Thom goes with me or not!

    Be safe Hugs to you, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Thom, Becca and Jeff

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