Day 113

Day 113

Day 113

Friday 27 Dec 2013


Our Lion King Secret Santa came to a close…well, sort of began and came to a close.

Secret Santa is very different in different parts of the world.  The way I am used to playing it in the States is that you give little gifts and clues and cards throughout the period and then on the final day, you guess who had you and then reveal the secret!

Here in Australia, one gift.  On the day.  No clues – well, a few had clues, but majority, nope.  And…the kicker?!?  You don’t even tell the person who had who!  Again, a few did, but mine didn’t.

Well, that’s one way to keep a secret!

So, whoever got me the Aesop hand lotion…thank you and Merry Christmas!

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