Day 57

Nutri Bullet

Day 57

Friday 1 Nov 2013

November already?!?

My new favorite thing ever showed up this morning…my new NutriBullet!  I’ve been a big fan of juicing and whatnot in the past.  And green smoothies.  And kale.

Well, now I have the power to be making my own green smoothies at home every morning.

The NutriBullet is pretty stellar.  Super smooth.  Tackles nuts and whatnot.  This doesn’t juice, but instead extracts.  I’ve read the pros and cons to both, but this is basically a high powered blender that is designed for smoothies.  It’s amazing.

I need to read up on the recipes and such, but for now the kale, banana, apple, blueberry, avocado, almond deliciousness is pretty phenomenal.  I have to get some chia seeds and yogi berries and other super foods, but this is pretty good stuff.

One a day.  Fabulous.  Green smoothie heaven.


3 thoughts

  1. Hey Randy. I like the look of your blog. I was reading that you are a theatre guy. Cool. I used to travel all over the world too. I’ve done a ton of theatre (even played Anne in Anne of Green Gables when I was younger), dance, music (did a music course in Perth, Australia), performing arts, etc. Now I have two little kiddies and my hubby has just filmed his second feature length film (in Brazil). So I’m not traveling so much any more. I compose songs still, but don’t do much performing. Anyhow, the reason why I’m writing really is because I want to ask you if you’ve ever tried the Magic Bullet and, if so, would you say that the Nutribullet is better? Thanks a ton.

    • Hi there! Nice to get your message!

      I have tried a friends Magic Bullet. The NutriBullet is just much more powerful. So, I think it’s worth the extra money for the NB.

      Where do you love these days?

      Nice meeting you!

      • Hey Randy. Thanks for the feedback. I wish I knew about the NutriBullet before I bought a Magic Bullet. I bought it in Canada when I was there over the holiday season last year/beginning of this year. Not impressed. I think next time I’m there I’m going to have to invest in a NutriBullet.

        I live in the north-east of Brazil, in the state of Bahia. I’m originally from Canada. I came to Brazil to work with an evangelical performing arts group. Was with them from 2002-2005.

        Hey, I noticed that you’re involved in a production that is ‘Autism Friendly’. What does that mean? Or, how so? My oldest brother is autistic and my son has ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ (which is at a very high level on the autism spectrum).

        Thanks a ton and nice meeting you too.

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