Day 54

the animal

Day 54

Tuesday 29 Oct 2013

After all that juice, I needed a meal out with a friend and a bit of meat and some chat.

Josephine visited us (about time!) at rehearsals and I grabbed her after for a bite out.  We headed to nearby trendy Newtown for a recommended Greek meal out at The Animal inside the Newtown Hotel.

Sydney has some great hotels – and by hotels I mean they could have rooms or they could just be bars.  You just don’t know.  The hotel phenomenon.  I have asked everyone I know how you know the difference.  And…ya just don’t.  There you go.  The Aussie hotel thing.

Anyways, The Animal was a great little find and I’ll be back for sure.  Fetta.  Greek Salad.  Lamb on the Spit.  Yummy.

Good job Sydney.

And good job Newtown HOTEL!

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