Day 48

Night Walk

Day 48

Wednesday 23 Oct 2013

Well, it’s day two of my five day juice cleanse and I am a bit stir crazy.  GREAT cleanse (good work Lucky You Cleanse!), but I have always found day two the hardest of them all – first day is always new and then once you get to day three you’re in a groove…

Anyways, you should keep exercising when on a cleanse; it’s good to sweat out some toxins.  I have been basically not been running at all because of my what-feels-like-forever recovering knee, and I took spin yesterday, so I decided to go for a walk tonight around Rushcutters Bay.  Another gorgeous night in Sydney – just perfect.

Here’s a shot looking back at the CBD skyline from the east side of Rushcutters with the Sydney Tower gleaming in the center.


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