Day 47

lucky you

Day 47

Tuesday 22 Oct 2013

Lucky you?

No, lucky me!

It’s about that time for me to dive into another juice cleanse.  I have done three or four great ones in the states – but I needed a Sydney based one this time around.

Lucky me – Sydney has really embraced the juicing craze.  There were many places to pick from, but I decided to go with the one that was closest to my place.  And Jo has done the cleanse there before and loved it – so decision made – done and done!

Lucky You Cleanse is similar to others I have done – three green based juices and then a spicy lemonade, a fruit/carrot type juice and a nut milk.  Lucky You is cold pressed (the only way to go) and all organic.

I’m ready for five days of juicing bliss (and I’ve stocked up on herbal teas and organic lemons to help me through it as well…)!

The six juices (for this batch as they are based on what organic produce they have available to them) are:

Juice #1 – Green Smoothie

Juice #2 – Green B

Juice #3 – Spicy Lemonade

Juice #4 – Orange B

Juice #5 – Green A

Juice #6 – Cashew Nut Mylk

Let’s do this!

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