Day 45

Watsons Bay sunset

Day 45

Sunday 20 Oct 2013

Great day off Skyping with mom and friends back in the states and got some stuff done at home.  Slept a lot too!

Decided to jump in Bluey and drive a bit to Watsons Bay, a special little neighborhood of Sydney.  There are some serious wildfires (100 plus currently) going on in the outskirts of Sydney, mostly in the Blue Mountains, and the smoke that has been coming in is pretty intense.

What you are seeing in the sky is smoke – not clouds.  It’s making for some magical colors in the sunsets.  Beyond magical.  That being said, everyone hopes these fires get under control ASAP – people are losing homes and one man has even lost his life.

You can see the Sydney skyline and the Harbour Bridge in the distance.  Watsons Bay is a fantastic little place and I had the must-have fish and chips from Doyle’s.

Perfect way to end the day.  Will be back for sure.

Decided to include this link which shows some wildfire photos in the area.  Intense stuff.

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