Day 44


Day 44

Saturday 19 Oct 2013

After a long six day week of rehearsals, it’s time for a night out to the THEATRE.

Went with a group of new friends to see the Back to Back theatre company’s production called Super Discount.  Back to Back Theatre creates new forms of contemporary theatre imagined from the minds and experiences of a unique ensemble of actors with disabilities, giving voice to social and political issues that speak to all people.  It is clearly a special group and a special ensemble of actors.  Sydney Theatre Company did this production in collaboration with Back to Back and a theatre in Melbourne.

The Sydney Theatre Company is located in Wharf 1 in the neighborhood of  Walsh Bay.  At the end of the wharf is a great bar/restaurant with a very social atmosphere.

This shot is the corridor down the wharf which is lined with photos from STC’s varied past productions.

Special place.  Special show.  Can’t wait to see a whole lot more from STC in the year to come.

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