Day 776

Day 776

Day 776

Wednesday 21 Oct 2015

In the States, we have chicken parmesan. A classic Italian dish consisting of chicken in tomato sauce covered in cheese that is usually served with a side of pasta or a salad or both. We all know and love our chicken parmesan.

Now, here in Australia, it is a completely different version of said dish. In typical Aussie ways, the name of the dish is abbreviated to chicken parmy.

But, this isn’t your typical chicken parmesan. Their version is most often found at a pub and is a breaded chicken breast, covered with “bacon” (this is Australian for HAM) and then cheese. Very little sauce – usually a little, but not swimming in it like back home. And of course – hot chips. Always served with a side of french fries. And usually a little salad. Greg and Liz became obsessed with these when they visited in August. And, so have I.

The one pictured is from a CBD restaurant called Mrs. Parmas. They have variations of the classic, but you just can’t beat the original.

Not sure which came first – the chicken parmesan or the chicken parmy – but there is certainly room in the world for both of them.

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