Day 580

Day 580

Day 580

Wednesday 08 April 2015


It’s fitting that my last shot from this beyond incredible trip is of the fence that surrounds part of Robben Island. This fence held in Nelson Mandela and so many other important leaders for unjust reasons.

I will post a photo soon of a piece of artwork that I now own that is made from a piece of this fence that came town.

To say this trip was a life changer is an understatement. South Africa is a beautiful, beautiful country with so much going on in it. I so rarely say this, but right now I feel blessed to have experienced a bit of it – even if only for two weeks.

I will be back. And to see more of Africa as well next time. Jo was right – when you experience and leave Africa you do take a piece of it with you. And it stays with you. I have felt this since my return.

Until next time…

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