Day 563

Day 563

Day 563

Sunday 22 March 2015


This was the 4×4 we drove around in morning and late afternoons through the African bush. Chandelle is so extraordinary that there are only a few 4x4s out there because of so few guests allowed. 95% of the time, it was just us – and by us I mean Lucien (our ranger who is taking the photo, our tracker Vusi, Denise and Richard (the other couple pictured who we just loved) and Jo and I. That was it. They didn’t even pack more people into 4x4s to save money – they wanted you to have the same team the whole time. The last three drives were just Jo and I with Lucien and Vusi! Incredible.

Lucien was kind enough to let me drive this day.

(Okay…pose for the photo…)

Sad to be leaving Kwandwe, but leaving with such fond memories and wonderful experiences.

Will be doing the safari experience again as soon as I can.

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