Day 538

Day 538

Day 538

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Meet Prada.

Prada is one of our neighbors cats who we took quite a liking to over the past few weeks. She would stop by here and there – usually when we were grilling steak.

And, yes, we fed her small pieces.

We all really warmed up to each other over the following weeks. She’s an outdoor cat, claws out, swipes here and there, but a sassy, lovely cat. Her tag said PRADA. Along with her owners phone numbers. She would come and go as she pleased.

Then, a few nights ago, she came over again when we had our friend Jason over for dinner. Cooked steak again – so she must smell it.

We fed her a little again. No biggie. Jason left. Tim and I hung out with her outside a bit. We have a beautiful patio space that is great for relaxing. She’s come into the house a bit here and there, but is always well behaved. We said goodnight to her and headed to bed.

The next morning, she was hanging outside. 99% sure she never left. So we played and cuddled with her in the morning.

Tim went to work. I was home all day doing chores, cooking, chilling – and she was here the whole time. In the house sometimes. Sometimes just sunbathing. Tim got home and we ate outside and she was still there. I realized she hadn’t eaten in 24 hours since she never left the house. But I was determined to not feed her as she needed to go to her home.

10pm rolled around and who’s still here? Prada. I decided since it had been 30 hours or so, I should investigate her home situation.

Inspector Josephine figured out her owner’s address from the number on her tag. About seven doors down. No lights on. Hmmmm…so we tried the landline. Weird message. I then felt I needed to call her owner’s mobile. It has been a while. They must be worried.

Pia answered the phone. She sounded like she could have been a Real Housewife of Melbourne. She wasn’t, but still. She was at her cousins for a few days and her mom, who can’t WALK, is at her place with the cats – oh…she has a sister Gucci. That’s what was up. She kept apologizing, but we said it was fine and she’s no trouble at all. My favorite line…”She hates people! You guys must be really nice.”

So we fed her what we had…happened to be high end salami. She obviously liked it.

Next morning, Prada was still here. So, she spent the morning with Tim and I. He left for work. I went to spin. Came back – still here. I went to work. Tim got home and she was still here. Hadn’t left. Happy, happy cat. We told Pia we’d call her again if she hadn’t gone home and she’d come get her when she finished work.

I was at work and Tim was home. Pia came to get her and Tim said Prada’s face was heartbreaking when she saw Pia – like, really, you told on me and called my mom?! It had been over two and a half days since she had been here. We felt it was the right thing to do.

Pia picked up Prada. Had some small talk with Tim. Very nice lady. 50s. Well put together. With Prada in her arms, she says to Tim, “Do you want to keep her? I have another.”

He said, “No, no, it wouldn’t be right. We are leaving this house in nine months. She’s yours. But she is always welcome here.”

Pia took Prada home.

Prada didn’t come back tonight. Trust me, we’ve both looked about 53 times each.

I hope it is because Pia has her in the house tonight, which she should – it’s her home after all.

But Tim and I are missing her. A lot. She transformed into a real sweetheart and cuddle cat over the past three nights. And, well, we miss her. We really do.

I hope she comes back soon.

And this time, no more phone calls. She’s welcome to stay as long as she’d like. Pia knows where to find us.

Who knew, eh?

I’ve got to go…one more look in the back patio to see if Prada’s come by.

And I’m going to buy some cat food in the morning. Maybe some dry and some cans.

Just in case.

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