Day 460

Day 460

Day 460

Tuesday 09 December 2014

Tim and I went to see Once the Musical in Melbourne at the STUNNING Princess Theatre. Beautiful little jewel box theatre in the city.

So happy to be able to experience Once again – this time with Mister Tim.

After the show as I was taking this shot, this high school aged student (maybe college), asked if he could ask us a question – he was sitting behind us at the show. We said, sure. He asked if we were a couple. We said yes. He then asked if it was hard for us to come out to our friends and family.

I do have a pretty intense coming out to my father story, but I decided not to share that with him. He, at that moment, after seeing Once, needed to hear that things will be okay and he should be true to himself. Because, truth is, with 99.9% of the people in my life, that was the truth.

He thanked us and went on his way down the street.

Tim and I held hands and walked our way home.

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