Day 454

Day 454

Day 454

Wednesday 03 December 2014

So – those of you that have been to Susan Feniger’s STREET restaurant in Los Angeles probably remember one of her signature dishes – Kaya Toast. STREET serves up street food that Susan has sampled from markets and vendors around the world. I was mildly obsessed with her Kaya Toast when I lived in LA.

Well, Kaya Toast she discovered in Singapore. And I tracked some down when I was there! Twice. And loved it.

Kaya is a coconut spread of sorts. You toast the bread, put on some kaya and eat it with soft boiled eggs and soy sauce. From the stand in Singapore, I bought a can of it and brought it back to Australia.

And here is my homemade Aussie style (poached eggs, fresh Aussie bread) version of Kaya Toast!

(ps Sad to see, after googling, that STREET has closed in LA. Shame.)

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