Day 291

Day 291

Day 291

Monday 23 June 2014

No trip to Hobart is complete without a day at MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art. One of the newest and most renowned avant guard museums in the word, MONA is quite something.

The experience starts by taking a ferry form the Hobart CBD to the MONA location. Pull right up and ascend 94 steps to the main entrance. The museum is built into this cliff and then descends down. Most of it is actually underground. Beautiful architecture and that in and of itself is a sight to see.

The pieces in the museum run the gamut. This piece was my favorite – one of my favorite things I have ever seen. Berlin Buddah by Zhang Huan. One the right is the mold and on the left is what was created by the mold pressing ashes collected from around the Shanghai area. It is literally a pile of ashes, so it changes over time from being in the space with the viewers. There is someone always guarding it to make sure someone doesn’t…well…blow it over!

And it is massive – over 12 feet tall. Really beautifully done.

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