Day 271

Day 271

Day 271

Tuesday 3 June 2014

More Vivid…


“Oracle Attractions / Dean Tuttle / Glenn Turner

Skycreeper sees MLC Tower become a soaring canvas for laser projections, transforming the full height of the Sydney landmark into a luminescent garden populated by twisting organic forms and curious creatures.

No longer is the building simply an architecturally designed home to various commercial and retail businesses. It is as if nature’s power insidiously breaks through, claiming the concrete as its domain, allowing its biological forms to hold sway over human creations.

The iconic geometry of the building, designed by renowned architect Harry Seidler, is traced by glowing lines of laser light. Giant vines snake their way up the building, twisting and turning around windows, pushing their way up to the skies. Keep your eyes on the tower, and you might spot brightly coloured insects and other creatures of the garden living their secret lives amongst the vines.

The installation uses full-coloured OPS laser systems, which are positioned on surrounding rooftops and purpose-built towers, to fully cover the building’s Martin Place façade. The laser systems are then wirelessly networked, to run the animation as one seamless piece across all projectors.

From large international outdoor spectacles to smaller indoor performances, from the biggest events in the world to the smallest local functions, Australian company Oracle Attractions provides laser shows that entertain and inspire.

The company designs and manufactures high-quality laser-show equipment, video-projection control, water screen displays, turnkey automated installations and high-impact stage-performance technologies.

Oracle Attractions has produced another entry for Vivid Sydney 2014 – Beneath the Beams in Martin Place.”

A really stunning piece.

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