Day 258

Day 258

Day 258

Wednesday 21 May 2014

We loved our two days in Queenstown – and made some new friends! – but it was time to move and make the drive to Christchurch.

Just driving through the New Zealand countryside is a vacation in an of itself. Such natal beauty.

We decided to cut across the coast on the east side of the island before cutting up to Christchurch. We stopped in Moeraki to specifically have a late lunch at Fleur’s Place (thank you Where Chefs Eat!). This was a little slice of seafood heaven. Little fishing town. Really all that was there was this restaurant. Fleur has had many different restaurants over the years and she decided to open this one up for her retirement years. Some of the freshest fish I have ever had. Right off the boat. Literally. And the seafood chowder was UNREAL.

Special, special place.

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