Day 252

Day 252

Day 252

Thursday 15 May 2014

Wine country number two – Yarra Valley outside of Melbourne!

Meredith and I flew to Melbourne this morning, rented a car and drove the short under-an-hour drive to the Yarra. Really gorgeous. A but more mountainous than Hunter Valley. Delicious wines in all of theses locations. As we know, Aussies really know their wines.

We found the cutest little place on Airbnb – it’s on the back a couple’s property in the middle of the country and vineyards. It used to be a mechanical storage unit and they converted it into a modern chic but simple little guest house in the back. Highlights included the wrap around deck, scrabble board, record player with vinyl selection and the incredible enormous bath tub. And for just $150 a night!

Airbnb scores AGAIN!

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