Day 234

Day 234

Day 234

Sunday 27 Apr 2014


I had…YUM CHA!

Jeremy, Pram and I decided to have a departmental meal – okay, really just an excuse for us to hang out – before our two show Sunday today.

Yum Cha, which in Cantonese literally means “drink tea,” is a morning/afternoon tradition where dim sum is brought around on carts, mostly in steam baskets, and you choose what you want. Along with some delicious jasmine tea.

We ate our faces off – pork buns, prawn dumplings, pork soup dumplings, Chinese broccoli and mango pancakes to name a few. We left in a food coma and headed to our matinee with very full tummies.

Now that we’ve started yum cha, we won’t be stopping! So, so, so good.

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