Day 230

Day 230

Day 230

Wednesday 23 Apr 2014

I was watching an episode of Shark Tank (which I watch religiously I may add) that had an update of a business with lobster trucks from LA that flew in fresh lobsters daily from Maine. Ever since then, I have been CRAVING a good lobster roll. They really aren’t done here in Sydney.

But…I found one!

The Rook, located atop an office building in the CBD, has take offs of two staples – burgers and lobsters. And, low and behold, one of the items is a lobster roll!

Was it as good as the ones back home in Maine and New Hampshire? No. Nor did I expect it to be. But it was damn good. Different certainly – this one had large chunks of potatoes, corn, jalapeños and a spice that I can’t place my finger on but know well….the red one…anyways…not exactly the New England lobster roll I love.

But, again, it was a good riff off of the classic.

And satisfied my craving…for now.

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