Day 191

Day 191

Day 191

Saturday 15 Mar 2014

It’s not easy to find good Mexican food in Sydney. A challenge really. Especially coming from Los Angeles where you trip over Mexican food at pracitcally every corner.

Jo and I headed to Bondi Junction for a late dinner to get our Mexican on at El Topo. Modern feeling. Great dishes – stand outs were the corn with crushed pumpkin, chili and crumbled cotija cheese on top; a scallop ceviche; the super tender lamb taco and, of course, the chili margarita.

The decor is pretty inventive with lots of detail to the Oaxaxa tiles on the tables and the hung lit up skulls at the entrance. My favorite was this mustard yellow fresco painted with an assortment of skeletons galavanting throughout it.

Good spot. Sí.

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