Day 157

Day 157

Day 157

Sunday 09 Feb 2014

The Color Run!

The Color Run was something that came on my radar in New York. Or maybe on tour with Poppins. I’m not sure now…

Anyways, I remember saying to my amigo Pat, when I was doing serious marathon training, that I had no desire to do one. None. No thanks. Pay someone to cover me in colored powder paint? No thanks.

Then, I had my knee situation. Was back in New York this summer. Remember emailing Pat and Greg and Liz saying – this would be fun, let’s do it! Why this change of heart? No clue. Seemed fun! Pat of course called me out on it. But, then I had to have surgery, so no Color Run for me.

It took me coming to Oz to do my first one. Matt rallied a group of himself, Toni, Benn, Ryan and myself. We did it together – beginning to end! It was early on a two show Sunday, but oh so fun. Success!

Now how to get all of this damn color off of my body……

Photo credit to the amazing PRAMMIE – thanks for coming out early on a Sunday morning!

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