Day 145

Day 145

Day 145

Tuesday 28 Jan 2014

The exploration of this beautiful country continues.  I jumped in Bluey on my day off and south I went!

First stop was Killalea State Park in Shell Cove and I hit up Mystics Beach.  Some surfers but pretty desolate.  And I love a beach that you have to hike down too.

Then I stopped in Kiama and saw the world famous blow hole…that wasn’t blowing.  But truly a gorgeous spot.  Reminded me of New England.

Then off to the little country town of Berry and hit up the little shops and stores.  Got a few things at Milkwood Bakery – a must if you’re out that way.  Heaven in carbs.

Then I took the tourist road, Kangaroo Valley Road, to Kangaroo Valley.  See pic.  The road to get there was windy and steep, but very fun to drive.  And then it opens up on Kangaroo Valley – at it is rolling hills and trees and flowers and greens and loveliness.  And so peaceful.  It was really magical.

I finished up with a dinner in Nowra at Wharf Rd – also highly recommended.

Ohhhh New South Wales, you do not disappoint…

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