Day 134

Day 134

Day 134

Friday 17 Jan 2014


I love a sushi train.  As does Sydney!

Why don’t we have these in the States??  Surely in NYC they would work.  Parts of Cali as well.

For those who don’t know, a sushi train restaurant is where you sit along and around the counter and a conveyor belt shuttles little dishes of sushi all around.  You grab and eat what you want.  The dishes are color coded by price.  At the end, a server comes around and tallies you up, you pay and sayonara!

Maybe I’ll franchise sushi trains to the states.  Or do these exist and I just never saw one of them?  Whichever, I love ’em.  Sushi.  Train.

3 thoughts

  1. Conveyor Belt Sushi! We have a restaurant called Wasabi that does this in the Natick Mall of all places…decent if not great sushi, but a fun experience for the kids. I think they have 5 or 6 restaurants around the country. I’ve been told there are a lot more of these on the West Coast, and of course in Japan. It’s fun!

  2. I loved the Sushi train that we ate at in Sydney, Randy! You can see clearly what you’ll be eating as it goes chugging by, and decide yeah or neigh right there on the spot. I agree, we need this in the states!

  3. Randy ~ EAST Restaurant on the west side of Third Avenue between 26th and 27th Street in Manhattan has had this for at least the past 20 years! Although I must say, EAST puts 2 pieces of sushi on each plate (using the “pay by color” theme), but they look much smaller than what I’m seeing in your photo. When you want to check-out, they just tally your plates! Perhaps you can steal Jo Brett when you return to the States, then we can all go to EAST together!! I love Jo!! Miss you guys!! Keep up the good work and the GREAT blog!

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