Day 128

Day 128

Day 128

Saturday 11 Jan 2014

The Sydney Festival has begun!

As we know, Sydney loves their festivals and the biggest and best of them all is The Sydney Festival, which is going on now until January 26.  The festival is complete with music, theatre, dance, opera, circus, cabaret, art installations, etc, etc, etc.  There is also the Festival Village set up in Hyde Park which is the heart of the activities.

Part of the village is Sacrilege, this incredible installation of Stonehenge…as an inflatable bouncy castle!  By UK artist Jeremy Deller, Sacrilege is making it’s Australian debut here as part of the Sydney Festival.

Sacrilege is a timeless monument treated to an irreverent modern makeover. Having baffled historians for centuries, Stonehenge is reimagined as a life-size inflatable castle– with everyone invited to have a bounce.

This new work by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller has become a contemporary art feel-good hit.
A cheeky, family friendly collision of history and art, Sacrilege is a chance for aspiring Druids of all ages to play with the past (just be sure to take your shoes off).”

This will be the first of many posts on the Sydney Festival as I plan on taking in as much as my schedule permits.  Those Sydney based should do the same!

For more on the Sydney Festival, visit here:

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