Day 120

Day 120

Day 120

Friday 2 Jan 2014


Incredible local, healthy burger mini chain in Sydney.  DELICIOUS stuff.

But what amazes me more is their dedication to local.  Local ingredients.  Local crafts.  Local organizations.

Every time you buy one of their burgers, you are given a “top” (like a bottle top) that you choose to put in one of the local charity’s jar.  Then proceeds are dolled out depending on who has the most tops.

It raises awareness for these organizations.  Gets people reading about them.  Gets them invested.  Brilliant.

I clearly put my token in the Sydney Aerial Theatre jar.  Duh.

And now I am going to check out a future show of theirs.

Again I say – brilliant.

Getting people to focus back on their own communities can sometimes feel harder that it should be, but think outside of the box, like the people at Grill’d, and it can happen.

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