Day 111

Day 111

Day 111

Wednesday 25 Dec 2013

Well, I have a dish!  I actually have a dish!

Recipe courtesy of Mary Peterson, Associate Costume Designer extraordinaire!

I finally have a dish that I love, that is unique and that I can bring to parties and dinners and such.

Sweet Potatoes.  With garlic, ginger, orange rind and orange juice topped with roasted pine nuts and cilantro.  Sounds really odd – but oh so fresh and tasty.  Unlike any sweet potato dish I have ever tasted.  Mary made them for Thanksgiving and I took a whirl at the for Christmas with mum – and I did pretty well for my first shot at it!

Great day chilling at home in Rushcutters Bay as it poured outside.  Cooked with mum.  Perfect.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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