Day 77

Day 77

Day 77

Thursday 21 Nov 2013

Hungry Jack’s.  Look familiar friends from the States?  I’ll give you a few hints:

— Their logo

— They have Whoppers

— They have the Angry Whoppers and Angry Onions! (???)

You get the picture.  But why Hungry Jack’s??  Why not good ol’ Burger King?  (I could google it, but why bother – it’s more fun to talk to ask the ether about it…)

I haven’t had fast food since I’ve been here actually…but it was one of those days, and a Whopper Jr. was calling me.  Had to give it a go.  Exact same taste and smell.  Wild.

Every time I have a burger or get a whiff from Burger King…oops, I mean Hungry Jack’s…I am taken back to The BK in Evanston circa 1995 right off of the Northwestern campus.  Without fail.  And I think of my late nights there with so many different college friends.  So many dear, dear friends I still have to this day.  With the craziest of fond memories.  All in a fast food joint.  Those were the days…

And I was transported again, on this sunny Thursday afternoon on the other side of the world.

All at a Hungry Jack’s.  A bit of peace knowing I can get back to that place.  Here.  Down under.

2 thoughts

  1. I believe when BK first franchised Down Under some small hamburger joint had already registered the name Burger King so they had to come up with something else. This could be an Urban legend but it does seem plausible!

  2. I remember Hungry Jacks from when I was in Perth. What’s soooo funny though is that, where I live, in a smallish city in the north-east of Brazil, there is a small burger trailer that literally stole the name and logo of Burger King. I guess they’ll never be sued though because I highly doubt that any of the Burger King big wigs will ever see it – and even it they did, they’d probably just laugh. hahahahaha.

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