Day 33

bronte graves

Day 33

Tuesday 8 Oct 2013

So – upfront admittance – this is my first non-genuine “shot of the day.”  Meaning I took this yesterday!  I had such an action packed weekend, that I had to post a little bit more of what I had done.  But don’t worry, I’m sure I will be posting Lion King rehearsal load in photos all week since my life is spent doing that this week…if today was any indication – 12 hour day…it’s been a while folks…

ANYWAYS…yesterday Dan and I had a great afternoon in Bronte before I went and worked a bit in the late afternoon.  Amazing walk and then a great lunch afterwards – first time having beetroot on a burger!  I had done the Bondi to Bronte walk – but never Bronte beyond…there is this rather large cemetery in Bronte that is right on the ocean cliff.  Waverley Cemetery.  And of course the water is bluer than ever before.  Spring is in full swing here.  And this view?!?  They keep coming and coming and one is more unbelievable than the next.

And wow – is it spectacular.

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