Day 27

cawston juice

Day 27

Wednesday 2 Oct 2013

My fridge.

Here we go again with the rhubarb…but really – rhubarb in juice???  YES!

They just sell more interesting juices in stores overseas.  Gavin got me hooked on interesting juices in London this year.  And Australia is no different.  The states aint got nothing on them.

Cawston Press is my favorite of the bunch – as you can tell from this shot of my fridge.  Cloudy apple juice with various mixes…yummmmmm.  They started in the UK but are big here as well.

They have four different varieties – three you see above and then the Apple & Carrot I have yet to try.  Available at Wooly’s (Woolworth’s to those speaking non-Aussie english).

Delicious stuff.  Cloudy and all.  First time I prefer cloudy in something over not!

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